A comprehensive service is naturally a matter of course for us. In addition to individual advice we are happy to look after your customs logistics. You are in the right hands, regardless of whether you wish to entrust your export or import customs clearance to us.

Our service portfolio is aimed exclusively at companies, unfortunately we cannot offer our customs clearance services to private persons.

Export customs clearances Switzerland

Do you have daily a number of export customs clearances but you don’t have your own software and want to save on cost and effort? BONAFIDE LOGISTIC AG would be happy to take on export customs clearances for you using Edec, and by automatic means if necessary. You will receive the eVV (electronic tax assessment) electronically at your desired address.

Import customs clearances Switzerland

Would you like your Swiss imports to be customs cleared reliably, compentently and at a fair price? BONAFIDE LOGISTIC AG will be happy to receive your instructions. 

Import customs clearances Germany

Do you have various shipments on a daily basis to different consignees within the EU and do you want to benefit from an automated import customs clearances, similar to that of a consolidated customs clearances which saves costs, time and expenditure? BONAFIDE LOGISTIC AG has the right solution for you.

EU customs clearances

With our EU customs clearances we make it easier for Swiss exporters to transport their goods within the EU. Deliveries from Switzerland to countries within the EU can have their customs duties paid directly in Rheinfelden and subsequently moved freely within the EU.

As a Swiss exporter the obligation as a forwarder to pay the customs duties in the corresponding EU country is dropped and all customs clearances can be effected in Europe with an individual partner. The customs clearance at the place of destination is dropped and the shipment can be delivered immediately. The result: running times per shipment are considerably reduced, the time saved is on average about 24 hours.

Intrastat-declaration and recapitulative statement

We are happy to also settle your Intrastat declaration at the Federal Statistical Office in Wiesbaden and the recapitulative statement at the Federal Tax Office in Saarlouis.

Transit Procedure

We are happy to advise you on whichever transit procedure you need, and we can take care of the optimal transit procedure for your requirements.

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